Software for Thermal Printers

There are two software options available for printing on thermal printers. Zebra Designer and Bartender.

Zebra Designer V2 and Zebra Designer Pro

Zebra Designer V2 is included free with the purchase of a new Zebra printer. It's user-friendly label design software which installs on a PC (one install per machine). You can create and save label format files.

Zebra Designer Pro has all of the functionality of Zebra Designer V2 as well as database connectivity. This allows you to print from data fields stored in Excel files. Again, it can only be installed on one PC and is not able to operate on a network. The price of Zebra Designer Pro is NZ$450*.

Download Zebra Designer and Zebra Designer Pro brochure

Bartender - Basic, Professional, Automation and Enterprise Automation

Bartender Basic is similar to Zebra Designer V2 with two main differences, firstly accurate placement of print is easier with Bartender and Bartender is not free! Zebra Designer is suited for very basic requirements but if your needs are more sophisticated then Bartender is your best bet. An advantage of joining up to the Bartender programme initially is that it is upgradeable and therefore future-proof. The license you purchase is for one PC and unlimited printers (not networkable until Automation level). Price is NZ$410*.

Bartender Professional is equivalent to Zebra Designer Pro, again the license is for one PC and unlimited printers. Price is NZ$825*.

Bartender Automation includes the same features as Bartender Professional, plus many more. This version resides on a server for multiple user access. User control features are available and can be set to allow access to print only, or modify/create. A history module is available which tracks print history and allows for reprints. The license works for unlimited users and limited printers (you can purchase them in packets). Price is NZ$1320* for 3 printers and NZ$2150* for 5 printers.

Bartender Enterprise Automation has advanced server functionality and centralised printing and administration. Price on application.

Download brochure for Bartender

Find out more about Bartender at, or click here to go directly to the download section. 

Other Software

Although Zebra Designer and Bartender are our preferred software solutions, we can also help with other software including Easylabel (a Tharo Systems product), Codesoft and Labelview (both from Teklynx). Sometimes it is easier to stick with your existing software if you have a complicated set-up, rather than making the change to a new product. Give us a call if you need some advice.

* all pricing above excludes GST, freight and installation. Installation is NZ$110 per hour - a basic setup will take approximately one hour.