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Latest News
Monday, 27 Mar 2023
We've made some minor changes to our Company Profile, please download here to read more about who we are and how we do it. more
Monday, 20 Mar 2023
Mt Aspiring is one of our natural, uncoated label papers. Its extra white, thick, textured, and uncoated nature makes it the perfect substrate to capture the essence of Clos Ostler and the region it comes from. 38 million years ago, the seabed in North Otago, NZ was raised into a north... more
Friday, 24 Feb 2023
Set against the backdrop of iconic New Zealand landmarks, this cleverly designed label illustrates the increased inflationary pressures faced in the past year. ‘La Montée’ which translates to ‘The Rise’, is a champagne that was the agency’s Christmas gift to clients. Staying true to their... more
Saturday, 28 Jan 2023
28.01.23 We are proud to support New Zealand’s amazing distillers. Join in and celebrate NZ’s award winning gins. more
Friday, 20 Jan 2023
The elegance of the Elephant Hill label design paired with the material and use of embellishments creates a label that stays true to the Elephant Hill brand and their wines that are a true expression of the vineyards they come from. Mt Somers is the supporting base layer for the design. An... more
Friday, 16 Dec 2022
In 2022, we assisted our customers in diverting 3.43 metric tonnes of liner waste from landfill. Each recycled metric tonne of glassine liner reduces 1.64mt of carbon dioxide, saves 116 trees and 146sqm of deforestation. Rapid Labels' Liner Recycling Solution provides our customers with a... more
Monday, 12 Dec 2022
From our Rapid Remix release to collaborating with clients and designers on new projects and rebrands, receiving the most gold awards in the Labels Category at the 2022 NZ Pride in Print Awards, celebrating major employee milestones, as well as new apprenticeships and up-skilling our team, it's... more
Friday, 09 Dec 2022
Streamland Honey approached us looking to improve the appearance and cost of their Gold Mānuka Honey label. Previously printed on a synthetic stock, we collaborated with the Streamland team to trial a cost effective and environmentally friendly label material. Kantac mirrorkote – one of our... more
Monday, 21 Nov 2022
We’re celebrating New Zealand Made Day! Show your support for NZ businesses and brands by buying at least one locally made item from participating businesses today. Visit to browse and buy. For over 50 years, we’ve been manufacturing labels for New Zealand customers and... more
Monday, 14 Nov 2022
Label of the Month: November 2022 Collaboratively working with the Up A Tree Distillery team and designer Alex Lloyd, this stunningly visual and textural label was created. Printed on our uncoated FSC® Certified Alpine Tussock, the solid black background creates a rich, dark contrast... more
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