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Latest News
Wednesday, 15 Nov 2023
We've made some minor changes to our Company Profile, please download here to read more about who we are and how we do it. more
Monday, 13 Nov 2023
From the 25-hectare Riflemans vineyard comes this legendary, award-winning Chardonnay. The label, printed on Takaka, represents the pedigree of the wine. Takaka is a sustainable label material produced from 100% pure cotton fibres, repurposing a renewable source and alleviating pressure... more
Monday, 16 Oct 2023
Label of the month: October 2023 This week is Recycling Week, and in conjunction with our Label of the Month we’re featuring Lewis Road Creamery’s sustainability journey. Commencing in 2018 Lewis Road Creamery transitioned to a more sustainable packaging portfolio across their range... more
Friday, 15 Sep 2023
Label of the month: September 2023 The ‘Art of Wine’ is clearly demonstrated in this stunning new collection from Clos Henri. Our uncoated, premium wine material – Alpine Tussock, forms the basis of the labels. The designs meld together ink and foil, illustrating nuances of the wine... more
Friday, 18 Aug 2023
We’re celebrating International Pinot Noir Day by showcasing some of NZ’s full and fruity Pinot Noir. 100 years on from the first planting in the Wairarapa region, there are several producers offering some of the country’s best Pinot Noir. From Wairarapa through to Central Otago, North... more
Tuesday, 15 Aug 2023
A stunning label design from Deep Creek Brewing that cleverly makes use of tricks of the print trade. As light dances over the label, hints of shimmering colour breathe life into the illustration. The use of metalised stock helps create a metallic effect under the transparent print areas.... more
Friday, 21 Jul 2023
In the Southern Hemisphere, when you gaze at the night sky, you can spot the Scorpius constellation passing overhead. Resembling it’s given name; Scorpius is a zodiac constellation which sits near the centre of the milky way. The Scorpius Sauvignon Blanc label is printed on our premium,... more
Friday, 07 Jul 2023
Have you heard of mobile printers? Increase productivity and enhance your on-the-go printing capabilities with Zebra’s state-of-the-art mobile printers from Rapid Labels. Ideal for printing labels, price tags, barcodes, badges, vouchers, receipts, shipping labels, tickets and so much... more
Tuesday, 27 Jun 2023
We had a very rewarding night at the 2023 Pride in Print Awards. Read more about the night here. more
Tuesday, 20 Jun 2023
This is a perfect example of how a small label can have a large presence. Set on Alpine Tussock, one of our premium responsibly sourced and FSC® certified, uncoated stocks, the full coverage black ink amalgamates into the black glass bottle. Reminiscent of the local blood oranges,... more
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