Motorola LI4278

Motorola LI4278 Handheld Scanner

Motorola LI4278 Handheld ScannerThe LI4278 takes (one dimensional) 1D bar code scanning to the next level with faster and farther scanning.

You can capture virtually any 1D barcode, including:

  • the typical barcodes we print on paper labels
  • electronic bar codes displayed on the screen of a mobile phone, tablet or computer eg mobile coupons
  • plastic loyalty cards
  • the high density (HD) barcodes commonly used in electronic component manufacturing.

Barcodes can be captured at extreme angles which limits the amount of time required to maneuver the scanner, and they can be read from near contact to 76cm away (100% UPC) or 140cm away (200% UPC).

The price of these scanners from Rapid Labels is NZ$396 + GST +freight.

Download the full Motorola LI4278 brochure here.

Talk to Stephanie Powdrell on 027-7008901 or Richard Royston on 027-5238525 for further assistance.