Motorola DS4208

Motorola DS4208 Handheld Scanner

Motorola DS4208 Handheld ScannerTwo dimensional (2D) barcodes help to better manage inventory; capturing additional data to improve process efficiency and streamline the supply chain. Typically 2D scanners lack the speed and accuracy of 1D scanners - but not with the DS4208.

Users never need to take time to align the bar code or pause between scans - true poin-and-shoot first time scanning simplicity on even damaged and poorly printed barcodes (not from Rapid Labels of course)..

You can capture virtually any 1 or 2D barcode, including:

  • the typical barcodes we print on paper labels
  • electronic bar codes displayed on the screen of a mobile phone, tablet or computer eg mobile coupons
  • plastic loyalty cards
  • the high density (HD) barcodes commonly used in electronic component manufacturing.

These scanners are built to last, delivering outstanding performance even after exposure to heat, cold, dust, a spilled beverage and 2,000 consecutive drops (including a 6 foot drop onto concrete).

The price of these scanners from Rapid Labels is NZ$363 + GST +freight.

Download the full Motorola DS4208 brochure here.

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