Last Day BBQ

Last Day BBQ 22.12.11

Santa made an appearance in 2011

A-M was Santa's helper

Who's tummy is the biggest?

Santa and Mrs Santa

John was happy with his gift

Ernie puckers up

Tai and Santa

Santa whispers in Gwen's ear

Doug and Santa fighting over the wine

PC and Santa

Nick and Santa

Ali in a bear hug with Santa

Jeff and Santa

Santa was a bit of a sweet talker to Ange

Shaun, Paul and summer Santa in sandals

Steven and Santa

Jeremy and Santa share a meaningful glance

Feleti and Santa

Sila and Santa

Gareth and an exhausted Santa

Martin holding up a now sleeping Santa

Kev and Santa

Mai and Santa

Simon and Santa (and A-M waving her arms about)

The sweetest for last, Kimbers and Santa