Last Day BBQ 2010

Last Day BBQ 2010 23.12.10

A-M giving her first annual round-up speech

and everyone listening interestedly

but they were more excited about the pool of supplier gifts

Mal takes the Stoke Gold

Laura got a polite handshake from Alex

Sheila won a fancy bottle of wine

Brian A won some beer

Brent got a bucket of goodies

Matt looks pleased with his gift

John got a hug with his gift

Teake picked up a mystery package

Phillip was pleased with some choccies and wine

Kev and Alex have a close working relationship

That's Peter hiding under the hat and glasses

Tim is pursed and pleased with his gift

Brenton didn't want to dwarf the boss

Josh was reserved with his celebration

But Bill didn't mind getting close

An action shot of Alison and Alex

Vao & is anyone sick of Alex yet?

Dave A's turn to collect

And David was keen for a cheek smacker

Cheers Hanad

Nga looks ready for a cool glass of that wine

And the other half of our Despatch Duo didn't get left out - well done Nick

A box of beer for Suia

Martin wasn't so keen on a kiss

Frank is pleased he's still got hair

Jeff won a box of gourmet chocolates

Deb, Corazon & Alex, a group hug

Gwen is a winner

Tai had been waiting patiently for her turn

Pam collects her gifts

Simon crushing Alex's hand

Jeremy almost missed out, just a couple left

Steve hamming it up

And Mark got the biggest prize saved for last