Label of the month

Friday, 20 Jan 2023
iconjan 23_lom

The elegance of the Elephant Hill label design paired with the material and use of embellishments creates a label that stays true to the Elephant Hill brand and their wines that are a true expression of the vineyards they come from.

Mt Somers is the supporting base layer for the design. An FSC® certified, uncoated, moisture resistant label material, Mt Somers offers superior wet strength and print quality. Each layer of print that follows helps to enhance the appeal of the label, drawing the consumer in for a closer look.

This is especially so with the ingenious elephant skin. The elephant skin look and feel has been developed using a tinted highbuild which sits in contrast to the off-black background that imitates the colour of an elephant. The gold foil frames and amplifies their brand – adding an additional touch of graceful sophistication.

Truly a label design and material that delivers exceptional brand presence and impressive ice bucket performance.