Label of the Month: Nov 2022

Monday, 14 Nov 2022
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Label of the Month: November 2022

Collaboratively working with the Up A Tree Distillery team and designer Alex Lloyd, this stunningly visual and textural label was created.

Printed on our uncoated FSC® Certified Alpine Tussock, the solid black background creates a rich, dark contrast against the gold foil and bronze floating foil combination. The beautiful intricate design draws you in to discover a multitude of textural elements created with the bronze floating foil, while the gold foil adds to the visual appeal.

The focal symbol of the copper column still, which plays the all-important role in double distilling this apple gin, is illuminated with our bronze floating foil technique which encapsulates the apple tree’s colours as they pop against the background.

The solid bottle through to the label shape, design and print techniques speak volumes before you take a sip to discover this elegantly complex, fruity gin.