Label of the Month: May 2023

Monday, 22 May 2023
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The Māwhitipana Ridge Estate label will have you reaching
out to touch it, as your fingers explore the fine, crisp sculptured
emboss that creates the definition of the geological contour
lines running through the label.

You’re then met by the thick texture and uncoated feel of Takaka
– reminiscent of the heavy clay soil where Māwhitipana Ridge Estate’s
single-site vineyard is located on Waiheke Island.
The added bulk of the label material provides the perfect support
for the standout sculptured emboss.

With sustainability at the root of Māwhitipana Ridge Estate’s legacy,
Takaka is a sustainable label material produced from 100% pure cotton
fibres, repurposing a renewable source and alleviating pressure from forests.

Topped off with the copper foil, the label is as special as their limited vintage
wine and one to be seen in person. For more information about this label or
our innovative embellishments, give us a call.