Label of the month: June 2022

Monday, 20 Jun 2022
iconjune 22_lom

For a decade we have been producing labels for the Taylor Pass Honey Co range. Today we shine the spotlight on their Native Flower Honey label.

The choice to use an FSC® certified label material echoes Taylor Pass Honey’s sustainability ethos and the material aligns with Rapid’s 5 ‘R’s for a Sustainable Future. The label facestock is Responsibly Sourced, promoting responsible forest management which ensures the sustainable use of resources.

The black background blends in against the dark honey pottle, allowing the hive shape to dominate. The emboss pattern emulates a wood grain effect and the texturecoat varnish creates a velvet-like quality, exciting the senses in preparation for the rich, velvety texture of their Native Flower Honey.

Layered on top of the Taylor Pass Honey logo, the gloss highbuild amplifies the textural components and contrasts against the matt background as it shimmers when it catches the light.

Specially crafted labels to suit this uniquely crafted honey.