Protecting Your Labels



Safeguard your labels with our Authenticote Series

We understand the need to increase the security of your labels. This is why we have put together a series of security embellishment options that can be included on your labels.

Security can be broken into three parts: traceability, anti-counterfeit, and tamper proof which can be delivered in an overt or covert way.

Introducing the Authenticote Series. Listed below are some of the security options we have available.

Traceability & Anti-counterfeit

Sequential QR code  
Tracking of individual QR scans worldwide is possible with the generating of a unique QR code for each individual item of product. So for example if a QR code is scanned multiple times somewhere in the world where your product has not been exported to, you’ll know your product has been counterfeited.


Is a multiple colour layered sequence with a unique numeric code used for traceability. The particles are microscopic and the numeric codes are certified and registered exclusively to individual customers.

There are different methods of scanning the printed area. Some of these options include a microscope, laser pen, audible detector and an element reader.

Micro-secure foil  
This has two levels of security:
1.    The debossed etched foil feature which can be tailor made to include your branding or an image of your choice.
2.    Secure foil which integrates various technologies into the actual foil material.

Secure foil  
This is a foil product that integrates various technologies into foil material which is then applied to your label with a hot foil stamp. All the security technologies transfer in the normal hot foil stamping process. The product can be authenticated by an infrared laser light or an audible reader.

Invisible Ink  
Used on bank notes, this feature can be hidden anywhere within your label. It is only visible with an ultraviolet light. 

Solar coat  
Not only is this a security feature, but it can also be integrated into your label design as an embellishment. This is a clear coating that will colour up under sunlight.

Vanish coat  
Vanish coat is a feature that works better with a dark coloured label or image. This is because vanish coat prints black and reveals a hidden image underneath it when heat is applied.

Glow in dark  
This feature works best over lighter areas. It’s like a clear varnish that will activate in the dark. Available in blue or green when coloured up.

Paua varnish is a lower level security feature, used more specifically to embellish your label. It has a clear holographic finish available in different patterns.

Tamper proof

Security cuts
Adding security cuts to a label makes it difficult to remove and reapply to a counterfeit product.

Void labels
This separate security option can be tailor made with your logo/design. If the label is removed it will leave a tamper evident image on the product.

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