Not just Highbuild but SKYbuild

Friday, 05 Jun 2015

We've been experimenting with our highbuild screening and have discovered a way to get a more pronounced highbuild screen varnish. Our previous highbuild was pretty good (none of this mid-build rubbish) but we've gone one better.

We've dubbed our highest highbuild result "SKYbuild".

What is highbuild? It's the name given to a raised version of varnish, applied with a screenprinting process. It has a "braille" effect, that is, your can feel the raised surface when running your fingers across the image.

The height of the varnish is somewhat dependent upon design. Large areas will tend to sink in the middle but highbuild on text and narrower image areas works well. It's an effect that is difficult to show in a photo - ask us for a sample if you'd like to see more.