Private Ownership

Private Ownership

In July 2012 Tiri Group purchased Rapid Labels from the trans-Tasman Blue Star Group and for the first time in 15 years we became a separate legal entity.

Rapid Labels Limited became majority owned by Tiri Group with Greg Howell as a minority shareholder. Yes, that name does look familiar, if you are a regular follower of our history you will know that Greg was Rapid's GM for the six years to 2010. Tiri's main shareholder is Tom Sturgess who also has prior experience with Rapid from his days owning Blue Star Print Group (the first time around).

We were very pleased to become privately and locally owned by people who knew and loved us and wanted to come back for more!

Then in July 2014 Tom Sturgess and Clark Perkins set up a new label & packaging holding company, Hexagon Holdings. Rapid Labels Limited is now part of Hexagon, a group owned by Tom, Mercury Capital and Greg Howell. While Hexagon has a similar shareholding structure to Blue Star Group in New Zealand, Hexagon is completely separate to, and independent of, Blue Star.

The CEO of Hexagon Holdings is Greg Howell - yep, he's a constant in the Rapid story. So although we've had a change in our shareholding, Greg is still our CEO and our brief is still the same - to grow our uniquely-fast, thriving label business. Our next target is $25million sales.