Now it's July 2015

Now it's July 2015

With our first financial year under Hexagon ownership now concluded - how are we doing?

Actually, we've done rather well! It's been a record-breaking year and we're delighted to report that we reached our long held target of $25million sales in one year.  

A number of things have contributed to this success, not least the appointment of Paul Agnew who joined our management team in January 2014 as Head of Sales. As Rapid grew, it became necessary to increase the resource dedicated to sales management and to inject a more professional approach to new business development. Paul's appointment allowed us to do this and we've been assisting and developing our sales team in the past 18 months, pleasingly growing our sales line along the way.

To permit further growth and to ensure our service in each region remained "Rapid" (always at the forefront of our minds), we added a second Hamilton-based Account Manager mid 2015, and we established a satellite Rapid sales office in Mainstreet Place, Te Rapa.

We also got busy integrating new digital capability into our production fleet in early 2015. We now have two digital print engines and two dedicated finishing lanes - a significant initiative for our company and one that is well supported by our enthusiastic sales team. 

We bathed in the glow of $25million sales for just a day or two...before re-setting the posts to $30million. And more specifically achieving $2.5million in sales in a single month. As with all goals, today it seems a long-way-away but we've got a very successful business in Rapid and we're riding a wave of excellent growth. A special thank you to our hundreds of wonderful customers who play the most important role in our progress - your support is much appreciated.