Hoop & Rapid

Hoop & Rapid

Bill Hird & Hoop Labels joined forces in July 2008 with Rapid Labels, a merger which combined the strength of both Hoop and Rapid.

It was a spectacularly sucessful project - giving Hoop clients enhanced wine label capabilities, and adding momentum to Rapid's progress in the wine label market.

But in July 2009, Bill needed to return to his business forms company Formware.
We would have liked Bill to stay on, but respected that he needed to do what he had to do.

So Bill handed over his clients to Rapid's Account Managers.

Our task was to treat the Hoop clients with the care and respect that they have enjoyed from Bill. And we are.

To assist, we're pleased to have been joined by Stephen Coleman, on the ground in Blenheim.
Stephen is a viticulturist who also serviced Hoop clients in the past.