Then in August 2010

Changing of the guard

In August 2010, after 6 years with the company, Greg Howell decided it was time to give someone else a turn.

Anne-Marie had been Greg's running mate since 2004 and, being a 10 year veteran of the company, there was no one better placed to know how to continue with the winning formula we've got going on.

With Anne-Marie stepping up, it had a cascading effect which created unique opportunities for outstanding Rapid players to further their careers. We've established a management team of Deb (Operations), Alex (Production) and Michelle (Finance).

So a slightly different dynamic than before with fresh ideas and renewed enthusiasm but still the same people and still Rapid - rapid to quote, proof and deliver. We're still upholding the values which make us unique and fostering the culture which makes Rapid a great place to work.

And just to show we're not resting on our laurels, FY11 saw us chalk up more than $22million annual sales. We're pretty chuffed about that.