We Value

Things we value at Rapid Labels include:

Clients who get what we're doing and want to be part of it.

And even if it's not working out, Rapid staff are not permitted to bad mouth customers, no matter the circumstance.

Staff who stay with us for the long haul. Invaluable.

Dealing with professional, relaxed people who conduct commerce with poise.

Our manufacturing export clients who are the real kiwi heros – defending our first world input costs and fluctuating exchange rates. Not easy.

Greetings, farewells, respect for elders, care for visitors, thinking of others – values from the old century.

Making labels is a craft.
We manufacture essential products, we're really into it and we practice our craft with pride.

Commercial return. Not super profits, just a sensible return on investment.
Without it we are all destined for a 3rd world shambles.

Straight talking, polite but direct, the essence of being kiwi.
Somehow an endangered species in a politically correct New Zealand.

Most companies keep their performance details in the strictest confidence, which is fair enough. 
But because you tend to get what you wish for - we're having quite good success with being open with our objectives.

More than any other, our priority is to keep our staff safe, busy and connected. If we can get that right, the other stakeholders can probably be attended to along the way.