We Invest In

Some things we invest in at Rapid Labels include:

Being quick in everything that we do - when your name is Rapid Labels things need to be done at a sprint.

Being tidy - we're kind of weird about it - but the benefits do far outweigh the extra effort.

World-best equipment - take the high ground, have the best kit available and offer the market the very best, and stand up for our right to make a commercial return.

Friday staff drinks - there is something right about sitting down at the end of the week with your work mates and having a laugh.

Staff incentives - we try to share a portion of the upside if our staff can improve their monthly performance numbers. Everyone has a financial stake.

Apprenticeships - growing our own people resource. We must have cracked this one with our own Gareth Hilton winning Apprentice of the Year in 2012.

Staff uniforms - practical savings for our staff and good for a professional team appearance. 

Internal communications - we communicate in depth each and every Friday, so everyone has full information.